Welcome to GTFS-realtime Validator

What is the GTFS-Realtime Validator?

This tool takes GTFS and GTFS-realtime feeds as inputs, and examines the GTFS-realtime feed to determine if it properly meets GTFS-realtime best practices, both those explicitly listed in the spec and those based on the needs of consuming applications.

The rules that this tool uses to validate feeds are listed here

Getting Started

  1. Add a link to your GTFS feed zip file (e.g., http://mygtfs.org/gtfs.zip)
  2. Add a link to your GTFS-realtime feed (e.g., http://mygtfs.org/trip-updates)
  3. Press " Add Feed " if more feed needs to be monitored
  4. Press the Start button to begin validation
  5. Reset button can be used to reset all fields

Feed Details

Step 1: Add the URL for your GTFS zip file

Step 2: Add the URL for your GTFS-realtime feed

Interval (seconds):

Past Sessions

ID GTFS-rt-Feed URL Start time End time Total time Errors Warnings